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FAJUA Insurance

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FAJUA or the Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association is an automobile insurance company in existence from 1973. FAJUA, situated in Florida, offers automobile insurance mainly to applicants who are qualified for the same but are unable to get insurance from the voluntary market.

Insurance is offered to commercial entities as well as individual licensed drivers who are denied automobile insurance by the private insurance companies. Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association is often referred to as the “Market of Last Resort” or “High Risk Market”. This is because FAJUA offers customers from the private sector affordable insurance.

Recently FAJUA has partnered and struck a deal with Trumbull Services to upgrade technology which in turn will make the entire process efficient eliminating any inaccuracies, improve the whole process and enhance “point of sale” capabilities of producers. FAJUA’s partnership with Trumbull will thus benefit the company, those insured with them as well as the producers.

FAJUA will streamline processes with the help of Trumbull’s back office services which will include web-based front end, customer service and policy issuance. This is a great advantage and convenience for producers who deal with high-risk drivers and frequently write polices for them.

FAJUA’s rates are significantly higher than other insurance providers. This is because Florida is a state with the largest number of uninsured drivers. Being the last resort provider, FAJUA offers policies at a higher rate. In fact, some of their policies are as high as 200% more than what is offered for a similar product in the private market.
FAJUA also does not accept partial payment from insurers. However, due to the large number of uninsured drivers in Florida, there are plans to reconsider payment plans. So, anyone commercial entity or driver unable to get insurance from private providers can benefit from policies offered by FAJUA.


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