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Castle Key Insurance

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Castle Key Insurance Company was founded in 1931 and became a public trading company in the year 1993. Recently named Castle Key Insurance, the company was previously called Allstate Floridian Insurance Company. This company based in St. Petersburg handles most of the land insurance policies in Florida. In 1993, the company was the largest insurance company in United States. The company also maintains a record of being the second largest individual property insurance company. In 1995, the company became an independent company. Florida being a high risk area, the company is committed to their clients’ protection and insurance in case of any catastrophe.

The company holds many records including being the first organization to create a sophisticated rate categorization system. It also opened a drive-in insurance claim office in 1950s, which is one of a kind. The company played a vital role in convincing the government that wearing a seat belt while driving should be made mandatory in 1960s. The necessity of air bags was driven home in 1970-1980s, again by the Castle Key Insurance Company. The main projects of the company are the protection and financial safety of retired people. It is committed to assisting people with its round the clock service.

Individual property protection products include house owner policy, tenant policy, vehicle insurance policy, inland marine insurance policy and insurance against flood. Real estate planning policy, business progression planning and fixed survivorship life are some of the assets transfer products offered by the company. Some of the individual insurance policies include the life insurance policy, long-term health care and supplemental health care policy. Wealth management policies include fixed pension plan, differential pension plan, single payment immediate pension plan and mutual funds. The company also deals with temporary financial policy plans such as certificates of deposit and mortgages.


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