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Atlantic Mutual Life Insurance

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The Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company is located in New York. This company deals with casualty insurance and they also provide property underwriting services. Along with that, this company also provides marine, personal and other commercial property insurance.

The Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company was established in 838. Atlantic Mutual was previously a stock company; it became a full-fledged mutual insurance company in 1842. This company was the most prominent and primary insurer during the civil wars. This insurance company has a reputation of being the largest marine insurer in the United States.

The Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company is more than 100 years old. Due to the company's history, it has a magnificent reputation in its domain. The first chairman of this company was Mr. Walter Jones. The Jones family ran the company for many years, even decades. In the 1990’s, the company was largely involved in a tax law case. They eventually did not suffer major issues.

Over the years the Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company has lived up to its reputation and has maintained the quality of service that has been its hallmark.

The Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company has insured the most notable ship wrecks, in US history. They include the RMS Titanic, Mary Celeste and SS Central America. This company is dedicated to finding new plans and numerous services which offers great benefits to its customers. For them the company’s reputation is of great importance and they make all efforts to maintain the same.

This insurance company also involved with the Centennial Insurance Company. Atlantic Mutual Insurance gives great importance to their client’s safety and security in all its dealings.


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