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Aetna Health Insurance

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Aetna Insurance started in 1853 and is headquartered in Hartford, CT. The company now has over 35,000 employees and reported over $30 billion dollars in revenues. Its first insurance policy was sold in 1850 and its first farm mortgage loan was made in 1867. The company also provided coverage for farmers for their slaves.

Aetna Insurance had reached $94 million dollars in assets by 1924, nearly half of this invested in farm mortgages. The company ended this portion of their business by 1947. The company was ready to start expanding to the international market by 1960, and started that venture by buying a Canadian insurance company in that year. Eight years later, they purchased an Australian company.  Nearly two decades later, they would again make an international move by buying 40% of two different Chilean companies. Aetna would soon have representations in Spain, England, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan and Korea.

In 1988, Aetna purchased a health plan company for the sum of $1.05 billion dollars which added over two million members to their client base. The following year, Aetna would become the largest provider of health benefits in the United States after purchasing Prudential Health Care and adding over 21 million more members.

Aetna is number 77 among the Fortune 500 and is made up of a network of 17.467 million medical members, 14.166 million dentists, 10.951 million pharmacies, 843,000 health care professionals, 490,000 primary care providers and 4,919 hospitals in total. Aetna provides the health plan benefits for millions of people both through company and individual policies every year.

Aetna Insurance sold their financial services and most of their international business holdings for over $7.7 billion dollars.



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